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Remix Ottawa (Vol. 1)
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Tony Martins for Guerilla Magazine

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As Canada’s capital, Ottawa is an international city, though it’s hardly known as a hotbed for globetrotting musicians. Pop Drone became based here mostly through circumstance, but the players have grown to be advocates of the local scene.

The core of Pop Drone met in Europe. Around 2002, Dussault, Bakker, and Cameron Hill were studying together in Den Haag, Netherlands, while Clark, Jordan Downing and Drew Zaremba were at school in Brussels. Later, all six played in the same big band jazz ensemble and eventually made their way to North America to continue studying.

“Over the next few years we’d find time to visit each other or when home for holidays in Europe,” recalls Clark. “Without ever speaking about it, Ottawa made sense for a home base. Between Kingston and Montreal, it suited those of us living in Canada. Close enough to Boston and New York that we could find jazz gigs with Yuri and Mike or club dates for their electro duo so that their travel costs would always be covered. It’s here in Ottawa that Yuri and Mike debuted their electro-jazzhop duo, Dialoog.”

But are Pop Drone ahead of the curve in sleepy O-town? Powell contends that the city has more to offer than most residents realize: “Ever since I’ve been visiting Canada, Ottawa natives seemed surprised and tend to ask ‘why?’ in a way that first caught me off guard. I even get the sense that some buy-in to the notion of Dialoog being at all cool is based on the fact that we’re from Europe and based in New York City. There’s strange talk about Ottawa having a ‘weak’ scene or little going on. Perhaps that explains some reactions to Dialoog but that’s just whack.”

Pop Drone members have enough confidence in Ottawa as a place to make music that they have collectively begun to produce and record remixes of local bands that they like. Remix Ottawa, Volume 1 is the first official collection and was launched in conjunction with this edition of Guerilla magazine. Find the exclusive remix online at www.popdrone.ca/remixottawa1. Each remix keeps the original song title and credits the remix artist.

Powell explains the impetus: “With this remix project we’d like to turn others onto the music and musicians in Ottawa that we’ve come to discover and enjoy. This volume of remixes only scratches the surface.”

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Glass/Batteries by Dialoog
#future #beat #rotterdam


Show Me Your Fears by Pony Girl
#Artrock #Indie #Progressive #Ottawa

Florestan by Ryckholt
#120 #Electro #Rotterdam #NYC

Eusebius by Ryckholt
#Future #Exegetical #Rotterdam #NYC

Catalysts Mixtape by Bosveld
#Midi #Folk #Ottawa